How Do Street Cats Die? (WARNING: Graphic images of deceased cats)

Stray animals are the voiceless citizens of our society. Unlike humans, they can’t speak up and tell us what’s wrong. Or ask us for food and shelter. Or complain about aches and pains they are feeling.

A lot of them are ignored. Some are shooed off. And some are, unfortunately, beaten, starved, chained, caged, or run over by vehicles.

So how do cats die in the streets?

The photos below are just some of the examples of how cats can meet their demise in the concrete jungle, living alongside humans.



This poor fellow probably ate something that was not suitable for cats. One of the hazards of being a stray are the high amounts of dangerous foods in the garbage that our furry friends eat to sate their hunger.



This little kitten was squashed by a vehicle near my house. Regardless of whether it was done on purpose or not, another hazard of being a street animal is being run over by cars.



Another kitten met its untimely demise in the brutal streets. This time it was on a sidewalk. I don’t know how a cat was run over on a side walk but there you go.



Yet another roadkill on our perilous streets. The poor thing didn’t stand a chance.



I am unsure of what happened to this poor kitty. It seemed that the skin on her back was peeled off up to her tail. I don’t know if she was a victim of hit and run or got stuck somewhere and struggled to get free. On top of that, her right leg seemed to be broken. I visit her everyday, give her food, clean her wound and try gain her trust. Hopefully I can save enough money to take her to the vet. She’s very sweet and looks as if she’s used to humans.

I’ve encountered more dead animals during the past months but didn’t have the chance to take photos. One stray tomcat (who I called Koko) disappeared and turned up a week later, emaciated and unable to walk or move properly. I took him to the vet and, sadly, had to be put to sleep due to multiple fractures and organ failures. What happened to him? I don’t know.

Suffice to say that the streets are very dangerous to animals. If you are driving and encounter animals crossing the street, please be careful and don’t run over them. Be nice to strays 🙂

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Hit and run

While I was doing my daily rounds, feeding stray cats and dogs, a man told me that a cat was hit by a motorcycle earlier in the morning. I found the poor little kitten hiding under some pipes. She came out limping and could hardly walk after hearing me approach. It was a kitten I fondly call Captain Tumby.

At the vet.

The next day, I took her to the vet to get her checked, fearing that she may have had broken hips or maybe a spine injury. After an x-ray the doctor told me that nothing was broken apart from a bruised leg, and that she needed painkillers for a week. I was amazed and relieved at the same time. Tumby was going to be alright!

Recovering a bruised leg.

But I can’t just leave her back in the streets after that ordeal. She is now staying with me while recovering. She is very affectionate and loves attention. I honestly don’t know what to do with this kitten as my current lifestyle does not permit me to have pets. Hopefully I can find someone with a kind heart to take her to a forever home. Wish us luck!

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My Furry Neighbours

Here are a few of the furry stray denizens that I have encountered in my area .



This sweet, green-eyed kitten is one of my regulars. She lives two blocks from where I’m staying and runs up to me, meows and purrs whenever I shake my cat food container. She used to be very skinny but after giving her food regularly, she became happy and playful. This starving kitten has survived the ‘hunger games’ so I decided to call her Katnip Evergreen.


 Kat and two other cats at their usual hang out.


This dirty, skinny but playful pup was the first stray I fed. I saw him under a car so I bought some dog food and threw some at him. The curious little pup came up to me, tail wagging. I was feeding and playing with him at the side of the road everyday, for a few days, until he simply disappeared. I’ve never seen him ever since. Hopefully, he was rescued. I can only hope, though.



This shy dog can be found sleeping on the side of the ramp of a parking garage at the back of a Pizza Hut store. He is very skittish and will avoid anyone who goes near him. Fortunately, he can be found sleeping and it gives me a chance to leave him some food for when he wakes up.



This is a sad-looking dog. Emaciated and homeless, I used to regularly go to his part of the neighborhood just to look for her and give her food. If only I had the money to take her to the vet, I would have, as she seemed to be friendly and used to being around people. I haven’t seen her in a couple of weeks and can only hope she’s doing alright.



These three are my part of my regulars. I often see them two blocks away, from where I’m living, scrounging for food at garbage bins or waiting for people to throw them something to eat. The first one on the left I fondly call Blossom. The one next to Blossom on the second photo I call Bubbles. The third is Buttercup.


 Together, they are the Power pups!


This weak, tiny, starving kitten I came across near the tram station. I forgot to check if it was a boy or a girl… It was on a busy sidewalk and nearly got stepped on by several people. I carried it off to the side and started feeding it. The poor thing devoured the food like there was no tomorrow. After eating quite a bit, I gave it some water and the sweet little kitty started walking around and playing. That was the first and the last time I’ve seen it, though.


This little one is a regular and decided to call him/her Captain Tumby. Cap knows when I’m around by the shaking sound of my food container. The little one then puts her two front paws on my leg as a sign that she wants to be fed. This sweet kitty is often very hungry.


Left: A weird person (me) feeding Captain Tumby and Blossom.

Right: Captain Tumby and an old, grumpy cat.




Other cats residing in the neighbourhood.

 More cats.


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Homeless Obsession

Photo0174Over the past year, I’ve been obsessing about helping stray animals to the point that around 80% of my thoughts are filled with them. It only intensified when my faithful canine companion of almost 16 years passed away. And also the fact that the animal shelter, as well as the animal care and rehab center near my place don’t take in strays, or that they cannot accommodate any more, or that they only take in animals they themselves rescue. So how about the others left in the streets, starving, weak, lonely and emaciated? I guess the cards they’re dealt with aren’t so good as the rest. And this is where I come in the picture.

These unfortunate, neglected furry hobos are my target. No one cares about them and are left to fend off for themselves because shelters are too crowded or that they have a policy that they don’t take in animals given to them, etc, etc. I applied to volunteer at the care and rehab clinic for animals, but after I witnessed the rejection of a one-eyed kitten brought to them, I said “Fuck it.” (Please excuse my language.) They offer lodgings for a fee and yet they couldn’t take in the kitten because they claim they had no space, in addition to not taking in animals. I decided to take action myself. Photo0165

My dream is to set up and run my own private shelter that accepts homeless animals, whether rescued or brought in by other people. I would also offer free meals to homeless people who are willing to help out in maintaining the facility and caring for the animals. Or even temporary lodgings. And possibly give them jobs. I’ve played with the thought that if I have a lot of money, or perhaps win the lottery, that I would dedicate all my resources and my life, full-time, in caring for these animals, and at the same time, help the less fortunate people. That is just my lofty dream that seem impossible so let’s get back to reality.

I have decided that instead of volunteering at the local shelter, I would rather try help the ones that are left in the streets since they have no one to take care of them. I started carrying a pouch or three of dog and cat food. Whenever I encounter these unfortunate animals, I feed them. Now I stop and get off public transportation when I see one and try Photo0163help. I’m taking notes as to where specific animals are and come back to bring them food. This way I get to help the ones that even the shelter won’t. Maybe one day I might be able to increase my food supply and feed more animals during my feeding rounds.

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Furry Hobos

Photo0117Most pets today are lucky. They have loving families who provide their needs, like food, shelter, attention and love. Some, though, are not so fortunate. Stray animals (primarily dogs and cats) are those who have no homes and no loving human families to take care of them. They end up in the streets, emaciated, diseased and a lot of them die in pain.

The reason why an animal end up in the streets is either abandonment or simply they were born homeless. Whatever the case, stray animals can be found in almost every part of the world where humans live.

Photo0155I have in my bag some dog and cat food, which I bring with me whenever I leave the house. When I encounter strays that look hungry(which is quite often), I reach inside my little bag and feed them. And since my main mode of transportation are my own two feet, I normally bump into several strays in my neighborhood. In my spare time, I roam the streets and look for less fortunate animals and feed them.

Why do I do this? Simple- I love animals. Some people may argue that feeding stray animals is not a good practice. To hell with that! I hate seeing animals suffer. Even though I am struggling with my finances, I always have a pack or two of dog and cat food in my bag.

These poor animals obviously need help. And unlike people, they can’t talk and ask for food, or tell us they’ve got a headache. So please, treat your pets with love and care. Most importantly, be nice to strays.

If you would like to help in my efforts, please click the link below. Thank you.

Have a nice day! 🙂

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Bruno at 3 years old.

September 17, 1999 witnessed the birth of an adorable little poodle named Bruno. He was the only one, among his litter, to survive. He lived a happy life for one year until one summer, he was “accidentally” locked in an office, across his owner’s house, for the weekend. He was discovered two days later on the brink of death due to dehydration, among other things. We took him in after the owner wanted the little fellow disposed. Not only that, the vet said he only had 2 weeks left to live so we took him to a hospital to see another doctor.

The feisty little guy battled leptospirosis which caused kidney failure and turned his skin yellow. Bruno eventually recovered after staying in the hospital for a few weeks. Hospital bills hurt our finances but he was just too adorable to pass up. Regular trips to the vet ensured that our furry canine companion was in good condition, albeit he abhorred our visits to the good doctor.

Bruno at 14.
Bruno at 14.

The little dude grew up to be a senior canine citizen and still as adorable as ever. One day, he collapsed on the floor, shivering, and had trouble getting back up. He was rushed to the nearest vet, where he was diagnosed as having kidney failure. After several days without eating, his condition worsened until he was just lying in the hospital, not moving except for shallow breaths. To our dismay, the vet told us that he may not last very long and suggested we should put little Bruno to sleep to end his suffering. Either that or we could continue his treatment at home, making his last days as comfortable as possible under our care. Just as we agreed to the latter option, something amazing happened. Lo and behold! With an effort of will, the little guy stood up and started eating! And so he stayed in the hospital until he fully recovered.

He is back with us as I write this, although he is plagued with arthritis and has gone blind due to his old age (currently 15 years old). A change in diet and daily medicine intake helps our little furry friend cope up with being a senior.

15 year-old Bruno sleeping with Bruna, who is made in China...
15 year-old Bruno sleeping with Bruna, which is made in China.

I’ve learned that dogs essentially need two things- good health and happiness. It doesn’t matter whether they’re are trained or spoiled, as long as you they’re happy and healthy, you’re on the right track. I personally love to spoil Bruno! So if you’re feeding your canine companions table scraps or cheap supermarket dog food, you better do some research and change their diet. Cheap food will not give your dogs good health. It will eventually take their toll and will cause your pets a lot of pain and make their lives shorter. Make sure you also give them enough time, attention and care for them to be happy. Otherwise what’s the use of having pets if you don’t invest your time and money on them?

Bottom line- if you can’t give your dogs love, attention, quality food and proper health care, then you don’t deserve to have canine companions.

Update: Sadly, my little buddy, Bruno, passed away due to kidney failure on August 10, 2015. He was 15 years and 11 months old. I will forever remember him as a very sweet and loving friend, who was always at my side (literally). He never complained and was extremely content and happy with all the attention and love we gave him. Bruno, you are and will be sorely missed.

Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines

What is Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines? index You can always search the vast terrain of the world wide web but in a nutshell, VTM: Bloodlines is a first/third person computer role-playing game set in The World of Darkness, where you play a vampire of one of the vampiric clans that roam the modern world. It was developed by the now defunct Troika games and published by Activision in 2004.

Why it rocks:

  • The ambiance is amazing! It gives me a sense of dread while my character prowl the streets of L.A. There is a constant feeling that something big is about to happen, the calm before the storm.


  • The soundtrack is simply superb. With songs like Smaller God by Darling Violetta, Isolated by Chiasm, Swamped by Lacuna Coil, the game is worth buying just for the soundtrack itself. Heck, even the ambiance music is catchy, especially the main theme.
  • It’s full of memorable NPCs like Jeanette, LaCroix, Jack, Nines, and Damsel. The dialogue ranges from serious, sarcastic to pure craziness.
  • The quests were not merely created to keep you busy but were significant. There were no menial fetch quests. If there were any, I didn’t feel like they were.
  • Deep and engaging storyline. It is set in The World of Darkness, where vampires have to abide by rules and laws in order not to be detected by human beings. Vampire politics and power struggles exists.
  • Fight with your fists, baseball bats, swords or shoot enemies with a range of firearms. Bluff, intimidate or seduce the denizens of the game world. Sneaking past security, picking locks and hacking computers are also at your disposal should you choose to spend points in those.

Why it sucks:

  • The game was released unfinished and full of bugs. The fans, though, released fixes and patches… for over ten years after its release. Talk about dedication!
  • Awkward character movements. Sometimes your character (and NPCs) move clumsily, unrealistically. Personally I don’t like the way male characters walk as they tend to move their hips like female ramp models. If you play a female vampire, this would probably be not a problem. Jumping on movable boxes them can also be problematic.
  • I think the stealth aspect is a bit inaccurate and incomplete in my opinion. The devs could have done better (but since they were plagued with problems during development, I guess this was the best they could do).
  • Character customization at the start isn’t much. You can only choose your clan and your gender.

The verdict:

If you don’t own a copy, buy it. Install it. Play it.

You won’t regret it. I didn’t. It even made me read Vampire The Masquerade novels.