Homeless Obsession

Photo0174Over the past year, I’ve been obsessing about helping stray animals to the point that around 80% of my thoughts are filled with them. It only intensified when my faithful canine companion of almost 16 years passed away. And also the fact that the animal shelter, as well as the animal care and rehab center near my place don’t take in strays, or that they cannot accommodate any more, or that they only take in animals they themselves rescue. So how about the others left in the streets, starving, weak, lonely and emaciated? I guess the cards they’re dealt with aren’t so good as the rest. And this is where I come in the picture.

These unfortunate, neglected furry hobos are my target. No one cares about them and are left to fend off for themselves because shelters are too crowded or that they have a policy that they don’t take in animals given to them, etc, etc. I applied to volunteer at the care and rehab clinic for animals, but after I witnessed the rejection of a one-eyed kitten brought to them, I said “Fuck it.” (Please excuse my language.) They offer lodgings for a fee and yet they couldn’t take in the kitten because they claim they had no space, in addition to not taking in animals. I decided to take action myself. Photo0165

My dream is to set up and run my own private shelter that accepts homeless animals, whether rescued or brought in by other people. I would also offer free meals to homeless people who are willing to help out in maintaining the facility and caring for the animals. Or even temporary lodgings. And possibly give them jobs. I’ve played with the thought that if I have a lot of money, or perhaps win the lottery, that I would dedicate all my resources and my life, full-time, in caring for these animals, and at the same time, help the less fortunate people. That is just my lofty dream that seem impossible so let’s get back to reality.

I have decided that instead of volunteering at the local shelter, I would rather try help the ones that are left in the streets since they have no one to take care of them. I started carrying a pouch or three of dog and cat food. Whenever I encounter these unfortunate animals, I feed them. Now I stop and get off public transportation when I see one and try Photo0163help. I’m taking notes as to where specific animals are and come back to bring them food. This way I get to help the ones that even the shelter won’t. Maybe one day I might be able to increase my food supply and feed more animals during my feeding rounds.

If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to comment below or contact me at clowndotclown@gmail.com. Thank you and have a nice day. 🙂



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