My Furry Neighbours

Here are a few of the furry stray denizens that I have encountered in my area .



This sweet, green-eyed kitten is one of my regulars. She lives two blocks from where I’m staying and runs up to me, meows and purrs whenever I shake my cat food container. She used to be very skinny but after giving her food regularly, she became happy and playful. This starving kitten has survived the ‘hunger games’ so I decided to call her Katnip Evergreen.


 Kat and two other cats at their usual hang out.


This dirty, skinny but playful pup was the first stray I fed. I saw him under a car so I bought some dog food and threw some at him. The curious little pup came up to me, tail wagging. I was feeding and playing with him at the side of the road everyday, for a few days, until he simply disappeared. I’ve never seen him ever since. Hopefully, he was rescued. I can only hope, though.



This shy dog can be found sleeping on the side of the ramp of a parking garage at the back of a Pizza Hut store. He is very skittish and will avoid anyone who goes near him. Fortunately, he can be found sleeping and it gives me a chance to leave him some food for when he wakes up.



This is a sad-looking dog. Emaciated and homeless, I used to regularly go to his part of the neighborhood just to look for her and give her food. If only I had the money to take her to the vet, I would have, as she seemed to be friendly and used to being around people. I haven’t seen her in a couple of weeks and can only hope she’s doing alright.



These three are my part of my regulars. I often see them two blocks away, from where I’m living, scrounging for food at garbage bins or waiting for people to throw them something to eat. The first one on the left I fondly call Blossom. The one next to Blossom on the second photo I call Bubbles. The third is Buttercup.


 Together, they are the Power pups!


This weak, tiny, starving kitten I came across near the tram station. I forgot to check if it was a boy or a girl… It was on a busy sidewalk and nearly got stepped on by several people. I carried it off to the side and started feeding it. The poor thing devoured the food like there was no tomorrow. After eating quite a bit, I gave it some water and the sweet little kitty started walking around and playing. That was the first and the last time I’ve seen it, though.


This little one is a regular and decided to call him/her Captain Tumby. Cap knows when I’m around by the shaking sound of my food container. The little one then puts her two front paws on my leg as a sign that she wants to be fed. This sweet kitty is often very hungry.


Left: A weird person (me) feeding Captain Tumby and Blossom.

Right: Captain Tumby and an old, grumpy cat.




Other cats residing in the neighbourhood.

 More cats.


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