Hit and run

While I was doing my daily rounds, feeding stray cats and dogs, a man told me that a cat was hit by a motorcycle earlier in the morning. I found the poor little kitten hiding under some pipes. She came out limping and could hardly walk after hearing me approach. It was a kitten I fondly call Captain Tumby.

At the vet.

The next day, I took her to the vet to get her checked, fearing that she may have had broken hips or maybe a spine injury. After an x-ray the doctor told me that nothing was broken apart from a bruised leg, and that she needed painkillers for a week. I was amazed and relieved at the same time. Tumby was going to be alright!

Recovering a bruised leg.

But I can’t just leave her back in the streets after that ordeal. She is now staying with me while recovering. She is very affectionate and loves attention. I honestly don’t know what to do with this kitten as my current lifestyle does not permit me to have pets. Hopefully I can find someone with a kind heart to take her to a forever home. Wish us luck!

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