How Do Street Cats Die? (WARNING: Graphic images of deceased cats)

Stray animals are the voiceless citizens of our society. Unlike humans, they can’t speak up and tell us what’s wrong. Or ask us for food and shelter. Or complain about aches and pains they are feeling.

A lot of them are ignored. Some are shooed off. And some are, unfortunately, beaten, starved, chained, caged, or run over by vehicles.

So how do cats die in the streets?

The photos below are just some of the examples of how cats can meet their demise in the concrete jungle, living alongside humans.



This poor fellow probably ate something that was not suitable for cats. One of the hazards of being a stray are the high amounts of dangerous foods in the garbage that our furry friends eat to sate their hunger.



This little kitten was squashed by a vehicle near my house. Regardless of whether it was done on purpose or not, another hazard of being a street animal is being run over by cars.



Another kitten met its untimely demise in the brutal streets. This time it was on a sidewalk. I don’t know how a cat was run over on a side walk but there you go.



Yet another roadkill on our perilous streets. The poor thing didn’t stand a chance.



I am unsure of what happened to this poor kitty. It seemed that the skin on her back was peeled off up to her tail. I don’t know if she was a victim of hit and run or got stuck somewhere and struggled to get free. On top of that, her right leg seemed to be broken. I visit her everyday, give her food, clean her wound and try gain her trust. Hopefully I can save enough money to take her to the vet. She’s very sweet and looks as if she’s used to humans.

I’ve encountered more dead animals during the past months but didn’t have the chance to take photos. One stray tomcat (who I called Koko) disappeared and turned up a week later, emaciated and unable to walk or move properly. I took him to the vet and, sadly, had to be put to sleep due to multiple fractures and organ failures. What happened to him? I don’t know.

Suffice to say that the streets are very dangerous to animals. If you are driving and encounter animals crossing the street, please be careful and don’t run over them. Be nice to strays 🙂

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